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What is the World? ACIM Preface for Lessons #241-250

The precursor to the next 10 lessons can seem a little hard to digest at first. The world is made up? Whaaaaat????!!! Then why am I bothering to put pants on every morning ACIM?

For context-See Lesson 1 & 2: AKA, Nothing we see means anything and We have given everything the meaning it has for us.

Let me explain. You may have heard the phrase Projections are Reflections. In essence the world we see is selective, biased, and changeable. It is a phenomena psychologists call motivated perception. We have an idea of the world we create, and we go and look for the facts that support this worldview.

The good news is these perceptions can absolutely be redirected. Where to find these magical perceptions? Within. Deep within there is an observer. Unbiased and neutral. Living the Tao (aka the middle way). You will know this observer by the peace, certainty, and absence of fear that this voice speaks. My friend Mary suggests picturing a dark box with a tiny hole cut in it where your true self peeks out and watches the world.

And what does this world we peak at look like? Love. Sweet Love. Pure connection beyond the illusion of separation. A peace beyond understanding.

Take a peek this week my friends. Choose your perceptions in certainty. And watch the world unfold as the truth of who you are. The I AM/Source.

Namaste Dear LightWalkers!

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