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What is the Second Coming? Mic Drop Brought to you by ACIM Precursor to Lessons 301-310.

According to the precursor to 301-310. Not so much.

This precursor says that the second coming is not more than the correction of our misperceptions about the world. A release to what is always with us. The knowledge that we are one. No exceptions. The Divine lives within.

Angry drivers in traffic-One.

But I hate asparagus ! One.

ACIM says the second coming is the all-inclusive resort of the millennia. Serving up cocktails of acceptance and forgiveness. Mai-tais by the dozens. And there’s not even a per-person resort fee for this bad-boy ride. Just the warm embrace of everything that is you.

No fine print. No exceptions. No expiration.

So join me in this happy dance of life that our recognition of our light (aka second coming) gifts us with. Be willing to accept the light. And be one with this completeness. In the sunset cruise of awesome that is yours to life.

Salud! LightWorker!

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