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What is the Ego? ACIM precursor to Lessons 331-340

Oh ego!

Thanksgiving just rolled around for those of us in the US. It is a time of feasting. A time of gratitude. A time of close family gatherings that can be equally tense and rewarding.

We are around energies we aren’t normally. Our routines are a little different.

This can become a recipe for a lot more than delicious pumpkin pie. It is a playground for the monkeys of our ego.

Ego loves separation. Loves accusing. Loves judgement. It tells us that what others do is wrong instead of different. It sees everyone as an enemy. And it tries to attack with words or actions to keep itself safe.

Thanksgiving is certainly the perfect storm for allowing these judgements to flourish. For taking away our perspective or our quiet time to keep us in separation. For forgetting the love we truly are in truth and one-ness.

So we can choose the ego thoughts of guilt, suffering and attack. Or we can look to our Divine Source for an example of everlasting peace and tranquility. We can take a moment when we need it this holiday season. And return to ourselves in the silence.

Just a tiny moment to light the altar of illusion our ego believes is truth. And reveal the shrine of Life Itself.

Namaste LightChasers.

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