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What is Judgement? Precursor to ACIM Lessons 311-320

Judgement!?! Whaaaaat ACIM.

I am an excellent judge of my judgement. Is this what you mean?

Not so much.

Judgement is just ACIM code for separation.

When we put parts of ourselves outside of God/Source-we are living in judgement. When we see our fellow beloveds in this same light. Judgement. These are the perceptions our world gives us to play with in the playground of this reality. The ones it tells us are true. Real. The only way to live.

But, as always, there is another way.

We are limitless Dear LightWorkers. And the work we do in these bodies is an opportunity for us to grow. Not to judge. But to expand into consciousness. Beyond any sense of good or bad I might have. Right or wrong. This is too mundane for your blessed Soul filled with eternity.

Namaste LightWorker

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