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What is a Miracle? ACIM Precursor to Lessons #341-350

This is another one of those ACIM greatest hits that can’t be topped.

What is a miracle? A correction in perception ACIM answers firmly. A moment in time. A reminder that any devastation is illusion. And that only our vibration is real.

And while miracles are bound to this earth. This plane of existence. This little spinning ball of awesome in the great big Universe. Miracles light the path to the eternal. Directing us to our Divine truth.

Here’s an example: I once met a beloved who I didn’t much care for. I thought she was contrary. I ‘knew’ she was judging me. I decided we would not be compadres. And that I would avoid her at all costs. Buuuut, turns out my perception was a bit out of whack. Upside-down, in ACIM speak. So I decided to choose again. To see with eyes made new. Corrected.

Slooooooowly I forgave my perceptions. Looked upon this Angel of truth in mercy and love. And they became one of the greatest blessings of all of my days. A friend when I needed encouragement. A kind word when I needed it most. They were my silent miracle of love, which came to bless.

The only impediment to this perfect purity and endless joy? My own distortion. The mask I had projected onto this beloved.

How to do in practice?

Faith. Patience. A simple decision to choose again in the moment. And the willingness to love yourself through it, until the miracle reveals what is really there.

As my friend Mary loves to say It ain’t easy! But it’s possible. And the miracle will justify your faith in it by falling, like healing rain, from Heaven.

Happy Miracle Day LightWorkers. Namaste

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