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What are You doing with your time in Earth School? ACIM Lesson #307

Conflicting wishes cannot be my will.

Right now, there is a lot of conflict going on in the world. In the US, contentious elections seem to dominate the news. Social Media. Even the commercials we see on T.V.

There is polarity in this. Republicans. Democrats. Party lines. It all speaks of two conflicting perspectives with no compromise in sight.

Lesson 307 reminds us that there is another way to look at the world. Beyond the conflict. Beyond any illusions of separation.

There is one-ness.

A collective movement. Mobilized to actively use our free will to seek unity. This can be our reality. Our collective reality. If we so choose. And choose again…

Lesson 307 is an instruction manual that reminds us we get to choose the legacy for our time here in earth school. Will it be separation? Or Christ/Source consciousness? In this happiness awaits. Through this peace rules our experience. And conflicts fade away. Nothing contradicts this truth when we are as Source created us. When we recognize the will of the Divine mobilized in our individual human experience. When we make choices for harmony every day.

Namaste in unity LightWorker!

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