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What am I?

It’s the holidays and I find the energy can be a bit…well…charged. The collective is often rushing to get things done. Grabbing that last great package. Trying to buy a last-minute bauble at the store.

Life can feel rushed during the holidays. But today I witnessed a lovely little miracle. It may seem a bit small. But in light of ACIM’s tenant-there are no order in miracles-I thought I’d share.

I was waiting in line at the gas station. Impatiently thinking of my next errand, when I stopped to listen to the clerk.

The doing me was thinking Why is he taking so long? The line at the post office will be crazy! But my ACIM self. The one rooted in one-ness. Was curious.

Turns out he was simply making small talk. Asking the young lady in front of me where the zip code she gave was from. But, when I looked up, he was radiating kindness. And the patron was glowing when she left. I could have missed it. This small moment of peace and joy.

We often ask ourselves What am I? What is my purpose here? Especially during hectic times in our lives. But who we are, as this beautiful Savior-clerk reminded me, is a blessing to the world. The holy messengers of God/Source here to speak words of joy to everyone the Divine sends our way. Words that reflect a joy that is written on our hearts in service.

My take? Bring your personal brand of glad tidings to the world today dear friends. It is what we came to do. Find the kindness and goodness in each Soul we are blessed to reach. It need not be something big. Perhaps a little smile or compliment thrown gently at a beloved.

Happy holidays LightWorkers. Shine on.

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