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Welcome Home-ACIM Review IV-Lesson #202

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me./I will be still a moment and go home.

I have to admit, I’ve never quite felt like I belonged. I’ve mentioned my chronic foot-in-mouth disease. So I often say things that are inappropriate. Or nothing at all when it is.

And while my partner feels comfortable in any room he enters-I tend to be the one in a corner at a party. Talking to the only other person I know.

This is not to encourage a pity-me-party. Contrarily my shyness gives me a wonderful opportunity to really listen to people. To feel their vulnerabilities beyond the words. And it is an honor and a privilege to hold this space.

Lesson 202 similarly reminds us that the Source’s cool-kids table is big enough for us all. That there is no place or space where we are not welcomed with open arms. And that when we feel awkward. Or as if we just don’t quiiiite think like everyone else. Source is always waiting for us in those corners. Beckoning us to our true home in the stillness.

That sweet space in the morning as the sun rises. Or in the twinkling stars of a clear summer night.

You belong in this room my sweet LightWorkers. In any room you enter. For you are the Divine in motion. Reminding others it is a human experience we are engaging in. And that our true home lies beyond the known.

You do this without even trying. A lighthouse in the darkness of dense vibrations. You are the beacon. You are the Light. Shine on in your greatness. Remembering your home in the stillness.

Namaste Sweet LightChasers.

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