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We have the POWER! ACIM Lesson #253

My Self is ruler of the Universe.

Anyone else here watch Masters of the Universe as a child? With their children?

Anybody? It was even re-made in 2021.

The premise was a space-age warrior named He-Man who could evoke the power of Greyskull (keep with me) by drawing a massive sword from which he drew his power. The sword could defeat any enemy. Vanquish any foe.

And guess what? Lesson 253 says we have the same. Our own personal power sword at our disposal. Any time. Any day. With it, we can call to us whatever we want. Become the rulers of our individual destinies. Vanquishing our own foes (aka fear/ego). And mobilizing the will of Source via our soul-decisions.

We are the He-Man’s of the Universe, wielding collective destiny in perfect union.

We create and call to us what we want. What our Soul craves to express. Why not wield this sword in consciousness? Letting our intention mirror that of a conscious Universe. In the spirit of sychrodestiny, with the nonlocal intelligence that is creating the intentions of the Universe.

By the Power of Greyskull Dear Lightworkers you are a Destiny Maker!


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