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We are Popeye-ACIM Lesson 47

God is the Strength in which I trust.

I am not known to be talented with grammar. In fact, when I was in college (for the second time), my partner proof-read my essays.

I’m that bad at it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not upset at myself. It is just not my forte.

But even I noticed something about today’s ACIM lesson-the word Strength is capitalized. And, like most of ACIM, I believe there is a reason.

When I trust in my small ‘s’ strength. The one run by my fears and anxieties, I am trusting in ambiguity. In shifting sand. In a changing world that will never give me the perfect peace I desire.

Lesson 47 asks me to call upon a higher vibration. To invest in capital S Strength. The kind that comes from my Divine self. From the security of my knowing within. It reminds me that the Divine always knows exactly what to do. And that when I take a step back and trust my still small voice, I can find the secret sauce of life. Perfect peace. Infinite possibilities and confidence that my Divine self can take me to places greater than I have ever imagined.

Let go of your fears and insecurities today my dear friends. Trust in the Divine wisdom that is yours to receive. Your Divine self IS the big-S Strength in which you can always trust.

See what magical journeys it can lead you to today.

Shine on Light Workers!

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