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We Are One-ACIM Lesson #137

When I am healed, I am not healed alone.

One of the worst things about being sick is feeling like you are alone. That you are going through this ordeal by yourself. And that you aren’t really sure of your strength to overcome it.

Lesson 137 reminds me that we are never alone in Source. That sickness is just one more tool the world provides to distract us from this truth. It tries to override our sense of one-ness by making us think we are a body. That the things of this earth are what’s really important.

There was an experiment done in the 80’s on a group of elderly men and women. These folks were asked to meditate for 3 hours a week for 3 weeks. Their instruction was given by novice meditators who had engaged in a mere hour of training. The results? After 3 weeks, 9 total hours of meditation, the group of elderly folks’ immune markers had significantly increased.

Wow. Powerful.

One of the coolest parts about this experiment is that the teachers were novices. Not a famous meditating guru. Just common folks. Like you and me. And they became impactful teachers.

Lesson 137 instructs us that when we remember our wholeness, we can never be separate from Source. That we are, truly, never separated from one another. As we are healed, so are those around us. Next to us. Even those friends who simply cross our mind. They are there for a reason.

Do not doubt this Divine gift. The Divine message that they are yours to heal. Legions upon legions will receive this gift of remembrance from your wholeness.

And just like the teachers in the experiment helped to support the elderly folks in their own healing. So can you support the healing of the world through yours. It begins today. This very instant. And it can impact the world in a contagion of healing co-creation. Use these words:

When I become whole I am not whole alone.

I would share this one-ness with the world.

I am healed with them as they are with me.

Happy Completeness today sweet friends! Namaste.

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