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The following is day one of the 30 day challenge to Ditch Anxiety & Find Peace. Enjoy!

Day 1 Letting Go...

There’s a certain freedom in letting go. Letting go of what other people think. Letting go of judgement. Even letting go of the expectations we have for ourselves. I find whenever I go new places or try new things, my expectations for myself are through the roof. From the first time I played volleyball in front of people, to making a cup of coffee for people I don’t know. My expectations tend to run a little more towards the neurotic...and less towards the Dali Lama. While not always debilitating, our expectations for ourselves can limit trying or feeling new things. As a result these expectations can redirect our path away from purpose and derail true peace.

Wayne Dyer has famously said “No Expectations, No Excuses”...a mantra to live by. Dyer also reminds us that there are no mistakes1-only results we have produced to get to the beautiful and necessary reality of where we are today. Though we may see our results as failures. Every whisper of a miscalculation in life is simply an obstacle in the right direction.2 Think of any judgement, even of yourself, as your ego’s voice trying to bring you to a place of vulnerability. Let go and see yourself as the beautiful soul that you are. If that is difficult for you to say or think, remember-it may be your egos voice of fear that’s coming through.

When this is still difficult, think about a child, friend, or fur-baby you love. You would never tell that precious individual they are anything but perfection. Just visualize their kind hearts, tiny toes (or paws), and sweet face. This precious perfect one is you. The essence of you. What you are, and what is still within you as you become. You were created in perfection. That perfection lives on as an evolving, ever-present guide to purpose and light.

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