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Walking the Talk-ACIM Lesson #195

Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

I don’t know about you friends, but when I am feeling suffering-I have a HARD time feeling grateful.

At these moments I can grudgingly repeat all of the affirmations in the world…but sometime I just don’t FEEL very positive.

At these times I begin to feel envious of positivity guru’s like Louise Hay and Catherine Ponder. They seem to have it all together. To never give in to the green monster of affirmation envy.

Lesson 195 encourages me that most of my suffering is simply suffering by comparison. In thinking my worries are quantifiable as more or less worthy then another’s-I give in to an attachment to the things of this world. To believing that these illusions are my salvation and my worth.

The truth is that Divine Love connects us in ways that are eternal. That do not separate past wrongs. Future hopes. Or holy brothers or sisters who are amazingly deserving of the same peace we want for ourselves. None of these wrongs speak to the truth of the Divine connection which is ours to experience. And, as Lesson 195 states, Love makes no comparisons.

But when we can let go of our suffering. When we can be in this loving space. When we can take away expectations of ourselves or another. We can finally walk the way of gratitude. Regardless of the outer circumstances.

It ain’t easy. Especially when we are triggered.

The good news is that if we can truly appreciate just one thing in our day. Even on our worst days. We can find the road to Source. We unlock the miracles of the Universe. For where gratitude goes love follows. And once we see the love in one thing…it unlocks a cacophony of potential love this world is waiting to unleash. A Universe of unlimited peace and joy that bursts through the gateway of gratitude into our lives.

So grateful for each of you today Dear friends.

In Love and Light. Namaste LightChaser.

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