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Wakanda Forever! ACIM Lesson #306.

The gift of Christ is all I seek today.

Any Marvel fans out there? One of my favorite Marvel films is Black Panther. Black Panther is a movie about a Prince rediscovering his lineage. He finds it in the hidden city of Wakanda.

Wakanda is a mythically advanced place. It has technology. Inventions. Medicines the world has never seen. They are all built upon a substance called vibranium. The strongest material in the world.

In order to protect this material’s powerful uses, the kingdom of Wakanda is hidden in a forest. Unseen from human vision.

Wakanda & 306 have something in common. An ancient power hidden within. A calling to be stronger than we know ourselves to be. We are built upon a foundation stronger than vibranium Dear ones. A core of steely peace we may have forgotten.

When we see with the eyes of Source our vision of this Heavenly peace is restored to us. We let go of fear. And we remember the peace and holiness of the heavenly Wakanda-like utopia that is the Divine within. In this world there is mercy. Kindness. Care.

When this truth is revealed beyond illusion, we are exactly where we are meant to be. We do not need a mythical forest to protect our hearts. Only the remembrance that we have always had our personal Wakanda waiting right here within. Just waiting for our eyes to be opened to see the truth. In love we receive today LightWorkers.


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