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Vote for Pollyanna! ACIM Lesson #271

Christ’s is the vision I will use today.

This may be a surprise to you, Dear Readers, but I’ve been called a Pollyanna.

Yup, a Pollyanna.


It’s true. I’ve been accused. Many times.

Justifiably. Of seeing rainbows where there is really a tsunami. Of putting on a happy face on through a sad day. At times annoyingly so.

I own it.

And while I am simultaneously a fan of owning feelings, I truly believe, if we look for it, there is beauty in every situation. EVERY situation Estelle??!!!

Yup. Every one. Even when I can’t see it at the time. Which also, incidentally, happens quite a bit.

Lesson 271 encourages this Pollyanna vision of mine….juuuust a tad (if I do say so myself). It brings back the old adage that our perceptions are reflections of what we actively seek to see. To hear. These perceptions become the witness of what we perceive to be the truth of our every-day existence. And, far from dismissing the heartaches and setback we face in life, it asks that we celebrate because of them. Because they enable us to understand the spectrum of joy. The deep feelings of hope and delight we experience when we feel ‘the good stuff’. And the tender beauty of our heartache when we don’t.

Joy is our true nature, Dear Friends. Christ/Source’s sight envisions us as ecstatic co-creators of the joy. In this all perception disappears, and we see the purest vibrational life that is present in all. Beyond any judgements of this experience. And in coherence with the purest vision of truth that is ours to behold. Choose this. Choose life. Choose light.

Namaste LightWorker!

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