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Unity-ACIM Review IV: Lesson #150

My mind holds only what I think with God./I will accept Atonement for myself. Only salvation can be said to cure.

When I turn on the news or listen to the radio, I hear all kinds of negative vitriol telling me that the world is a terrible place.

That people are bad. That everyone and everything are out to get me.

But then I return to Lesson 150. It reminds me that the polarity of my thinking is just a made up version of what truly is-at-one-ness.

There is no separation. We are all one. Beyond this world of illusions and seeming mistakes. One. One Body. One mind. One heart. And this oneness is the only cure for all we think is wrong.

We all have a bit of duality within ourselves. Shadow and light. Peace and anxiety. Yin and Yang. It is a part of the human experience. But where we are headed. The goal we all seek-deep within this duality-is a sense of belonging. Of being seen. Of feeling connected with the whole of who we are and who we ‘be’ in the world.

The beauty of our free will is that we are always in choice. And even when I have the errant thought that my neighbor’s lawnmower should be permanently disabled-I can forgive the thought and choose again. To remember that this is only a dominant paradigm of separation attempting to see my neighbor as ‘other’.

More important. As different. As dis-ease or negativity which can spread like a plague of uncertainty over our beautiful existence.

WE are one, my dear friends. In our Source. In our love. In our light. And while only you can choose where and when to shine….I invite you to see the magnificent beauty that is always waiting to express as you in each moment.


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