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Ugly Crying on the Freeway. ACIM Lesson #263

My holy vision sees all things are pure.

In an episode of the HBO series, Sex in the City (The Good Fight), the featured group of girlfriends talk about something mysterious called secret single behavior.

Secret single behavior are the things you do when no one is around. Carrie, the lead character likes to stack saltines with jelly. Charlotte, her friend, examines every pore with a magnifying glass. Secret Single behavior-the things you do but you wouldn’t dare tell anyone you do.

I have a confession. There are no jelly crackers in my life. Or excessive pore-looking (most days). But I do have some secret non-spiritual behaviors. The ones I dare not reveal. Like when I growl in traffic.

Or I curse while tripping on cat toys. The days I can’t seem to process and move through an emotion. Or when I cry about why this thing (whatever it is) is happening to me.

Secret non-spiritual behaviors.

And in these moments, I certainly do not feel very holy. Or like I’ve even heard of a spiritual practice.

Lesson 263 reminds me that I do not have to be perfect. That when I fall down. When I curse. When I act a liiiittle less zen than I’d like to believe I am. Even then, God is. In me. Pure.

The vision of Source, even in these moments, sees me. Sees all of us as we truly are. Beautiful expressions having a human experience. Sometimes this experience seems breathtaking…. Sometimes it looks like ugly crying on the freeway (yes, this happened last week).

The spirit of God. The love of Source. The loveliness which is all creation with its joy, quiet and eternity. This is in all of us. Even on our worst days.

So today we can leave behind any preconceived ideas of what spiritual perfection looks like. We can look in the mirror and allow the beauty of who we are to express just as we are. Whatever that looks like today. Ugly crying. Or brilliant smile.

Just a reminder: You. Are. Divine. Just as you are.

Namaste beautiful LightWorkers.

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