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Tweakin'-ACIM Review VI-Lesson #209

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me. /I feel the Love of God within me now.

There is a disconnect that happens when I focus on worldly things. When I prioritize my shopping list. Or cleaning schedule. Or even just my habitual morning routine over the voice of Source. I run around, harried, and discombobulated. Feeling stressed. Feeling anxious. I remind myself of Tweak from SouthPark in these moments. Too much coffee and not enough substance.

(Please don’t take this to mean I am giving up my coffee)….But it does give me pause about what I am putting my time and energy into.

The Pandemic was an opportunity for me to slow down. A chance to see which of the things I had put my awareness into that I wanted to continue. Which things I felt I couldn’t live without. And which actions came at too great a cost.

As we have transitioned back into our old activities I have felt an unseen pushback into these quiet moments. That familiar question coming up again about where I truly want to be. Of which relationships with food, people, or time I want to foster. And which ones come at too great of a price.

And while I am not encouraging you to dump that person, place or situation that troubles you, I am inviting you to consider the value of the things you Love. Not just in the world, but within yourself.

Lesson 209 reminds me that when I place my attention on the Love of God within me, these decisions become effortless. When I really ask which decisions I am making out of Love and which I pursue from fear-it is easy to decide where I’d like to place my time. Feel the Love within you now Dear Friends. It will always be your North Star. The beacon beyond the body. The guide we have been waiting for all our lives. It has always been waiting for us patiently within.

Namaste LightWorkers

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