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Tune In-ACIM Review III-Lesson #115

Salvation is my only function here./ My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.

Our lives are mirrors. We attract and resonate with exactly what we need in every moment. What this means is that life will always presents us with exactly what we need to grow through.



Obviously, I am not always completely open to this principle. I mean if my cats are fighting in front of me does that mean I’m fighting with something within me?

Probably. In some way this could be a resounding yes.

The tricky part is, sometimes these lessons aren’t so obvious for us. And it can be difficult for me, within the moment, to surrender to the practice of understanding what these moments have to bring me.

You may notice Lesson 115 encourages forgiveness of the world for all of the errors that I have made. Because projections are reflections. Because there is always room, you guessed it, to grow.

Lesson 115 is not a chastisement for what we have created. In fact, Lesson 115 is a celebration that living in awareness of our opportunities for growth is actually how we can save the world. Divine inspiration which can save us from our own patterns of fear or unhappiness.

It reminds me that any little bumps in the road are just our part of the grand design. The big reveal from the Universe. The grand plan of which we are an essential part.

And even when the road to get there is paved with sour notes-we can use them all to create a beautiful symphony of the life we were born to live. An orchestra of improvised beauty. Just waiting to express together in harmony and peace.

Namaste Dear friends. Keep playing your song!

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