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Today Belongs to Love. ACIM Lesson #274

Today belongs to Love. Let me not fear.

Sooo….I have a bit of a confession my dear ones. I think that I can control things. Not just the little things. Like EVERYTHNG. All of the time.

I try to manipulate my life into what I believe it should be. My sweet cat-children’s lives. Even those around me at times.

You can imagine how well this works out (especially for my jungle-like cat-children).

Lesson 274 tells me, in the kindest way possible, to give it a rest.


God/Source has created everything perfect and in perfect order. Just as it is. 274 says, far from any efforts I might make to improve things, there is beauty in the world. Even in uncertainty. Perhaps especially because of uncertainty. In fact, 274 humbly mentions, it is in these very unstable moments I gain an unparalleled opportunity to grow. To expand. To touch transcendence in ways standing still could never stretch me to.

Let it be says 274. Let love be. Instead of investing in fear of shifting sands.

Let it be.

Today belongs to love. So let love drive. See where it takes you.

Namaste LightWorker.

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