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To SEE or Not to See...That is the Question

Do you know how many bits of information we take in every second? Upwards of 11 million. 11 MILLION bits of stuff our poor brain tries to process. Every second!

And speaking of processing. Do you know how many we can actually process? 50 bits. So what happens to the other 10,999,950? Great question.

Since our brains get so much information, it has to make some tough decisions about what is most important. What this means is that we are only seeing a limited scope of what is actually real.

The Skinny:

A book I read every day, A Course in Miracles, asks that I be determined to see the truth today. AKA what is actually real. Also-to accept that this truth might be greater than I can imagine-given my measly 50 bit limit.

Just as the sun still shines behind the clouds, our perceptions can cloud the rays of information we get to process. The rays are still there, shining their glorious truths. But we can’t always see this information behind the cloud our brains have decided to filter it through.

Our brains are really just trying to help a sister/brother out. We can’t possibly process ALL the 11 million bits. But it can allow us to miss some of the good stuff-some of the sunniest sunshine.

The Challenge:

The suggested task for today? Look for one piece of information you wouldn’t normally notice. Broaden your perspective by noticing a tiny insect, a leaf blowing on a tree or how the light filters through the window.

Increase those bits in new ways to encourage a larger perspective. Begin to appreciate there is more than meets our eye. Nose. Or ears for that matter.

Then revel in the beauty & majesty this new perception can find. What fantastical bit did you find today?

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