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To Me... You are Perfect

Pretty, pretty please, don't you ever ever feel Like you're less than f-n' perfect Pretty pretty please, if you ever, ever feel like you're nothing You're f-in' perfect to me!


Recently it was Halloween-time around my neighborhood. One of my favorite times of the year. I love seeing all of the kids in costumes (pre-covid). The ghosty decorations and spooky spider webs. It was reminiscent of a time of youth, laughter and fun. Some of the same kids came to our door year after year (they would actually come by the trailer-full in my neighborhood).

But I can’t always recognize the faces behind the masks. One year a kid even came back to our door twice (and we are not even ‘full candy bar’ affluent). My husband shut this down. Immediately recognizing the cute little candy-grubber (haven’t I seen you once tonight..).

I’m a little less observant when it comes to recurrent visitors. And this doesn’t just happen during Halloween. The ghosts of lessons past similarly sometimes revisit me without my knowing. They tell me things like I am not enough. That I don’t know enough to possibly contribute. Mistakes and self-doubt can haunt the edges of my vision and dreams, if I am not careful to turn them away when they return.

What are the specters of perfectionism in your own lives friends? Are there voices of negativity past that repeatedly visit you when you are pursuing your passions? Do they tell you that you do not have the skills, talent or intelligence to fulfill the dreams that have been placed into your heart? How are they deterring you from your purpose?

Halloween only comes one time in the year, but our personal fears can rise up over and over if we are not vigilant enough to turn them away. Perfectionism is just a specter. You possess the perfect blend of gifts, talent and possibility that the world needs.

Leave the tricks your inner ghosts are playing on you behind, and take away treats instead. You are perfect imperfection. The full candy bar. A haul of reeses and massive snicker's bars. Sweet beyond measure. The world needs this sweetness. I see you behind any mask of uncertainty. Leave the ghost of perfectionism behind. You are greatness personified.

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