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To Infinity and Beyond! Acim Lesson #250

Let me not see myself as limited.

Ego is a funny thing. It can tell us we are not enough. And it can inflate what we are in some pretty interesting ways.

My ego tends to vacillate on the shallow end of the wonderful pool. I often see my flaws as mammoth. And my accomplishments as limited.

Somewhere in-between lies the truth. The truth of what we are. The Divinity that is calm. Knowing. That sweet space of being that remembers the truth of our souls. The self we came here to express.

Lesson 250 invites us to remember that the Source we truly are, has no limits. That the glory of our being is incomprehensible to the small self. A tiny blip on the radar of eternity. And when we try to break down who we really are. When we dim our light, and strength in favor of perceived lack in ourselves & in one-another…We are just attacking the parts of the amazing that are ours to live by Divine right.

Lesson 250 up-levels this lesson one further by reminding us when we see this Divinity in one-another. When we choose to behold their infinity beyond any illusion of separateness. Or aggression. Or behavior we just don’t like. We touch this unlimited self and the world beyond our tiny lives eternally. Anchored in our sovereignty of self. Accepting the powerful beings we were always meant to be together. Unlimited.

Co-create in this truth today LightWorkers. Witness your Divine.

Shine on LightWorker!

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