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To Fear or Not to Fear...Lesson 13 ACIM

A meaningless world engenders fear.

When I was 12 years old I was an insomniac.

I would lie down in bed, eyes wide open. Unable to sleep. I would draw quite a bit of comfort from the trucks traveling the road outside our house at all hours of the night. Feeling a certain kinship with the night travelers.

But some nights, when the dark was deep and there were no sounds of comfort to be had…well I became frightened. Every noise was a threat. I swore I hear something laughing under my bed. It was terrifying for me.

Lesson 13 reminds me that, at times, I assign fear to this big beautiful world. I can choose to see this, sometimes dark-seeming world, like the truckers-as an adventure. Or I can choose to feed my frightened inner child-feeling alone in the darkness.

Which do you choose today my dear friends? A world of love and adventure? Or a world that is filled with the dark whisperings of what is false and meaningless.

By choosing the latter we resonate with a choice that competes with the Divine in the All-That-Is. We choose to see only darkness. When in reality, even in the dark, there is always room for light.

Let there be light within you my dear ones. It is always present, just waiting to shine through this world’s meaningless illusions.

Shine on Light Chaser.

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