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To-Be Lists-ACIM Lesson #92

Miracles are seen in the light, and light and strength are one.

I have mentioned I have a history with doing.

Checking off items. Ensuring I got a ton done. This has basically been my lifelong MO.

If I didn’t have a to-do list 10 items long, well, then it just wasn’t a productive day.

But when I began meditating something changed. It forced me to stop. To listen. There was nothing to do in that space. There was only being.

Yes, the voices of my ego continued to drone on and on about the dishes or the laundry-they still do. But what I also found within that quiet space was peace. The light, as lesson 92 calls it, of self. That still small space where my true Self lives. The one buried and forgotten in my busy life.

Lesson 92 invites us to hope and trust in this quiet sense of Self. The one whose light, strength and wisdom can bring miracles into our lives. It asks us to turn off the busy our to-do lists have told us we see. And to look for the light of peace and one-ness instead.

There is limitless strength in this light that lives within your heart. It waits for no dawn to shine. But is always burning with the hope of a miracle in every horizon.

Rest in this space today dear friends. Trust in your infinite light, peace, and strength today. Remember it is this light that is transforming the world. Thought by thought. Kind word by kind word. Light to light. Touch the Self within that illumines the world. Re-create what is always transformatively present in this miracle.

Namaste dear friends!

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