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Tiny Dancers-ACIM Lesson # 96

Salvation comes from One Self.

Salvation comes from One Self.

Once upon a time there was a little girl. This little girl’s mom let her dress herself. Anything she wanted.

She picked a striped shirt, plaid skirt and roller skates-to wear inside the house.

Yup. Classic.

Sometimes I look at this picture of me and think..Holy crap what was I thinking! Other times I think-Holy crap what was my MOM thinking letting me dress myself. (How I managed to stay standing with those huge roller skates on is a whole other conundrum…)

My mom sees a whole other picture when she looks at this photo. She sees a girl dancing like no one’s watching. Staying true to what brings her joy. Accepting herself just as she is and in tune with the music life is playing for her.

Huh. Interesting….

Lesson 96 (and, of course my wise mama) invites me to use my mind for things other than the criticism or blame I so often default to. It applauds me when I use the mismatched pieces of spirit in all I see to create a picture of pure joy and happiness. And it invites me to use my creative self-expression to honor a different voice than the one I have been conditioned to believe. To trade negativity for peace. Weakness for strength. Separation & attack for the One-ness that is always mine to claim.

Our One-ness is a Divine gift of Spirit my friends. No exclusions. Even when we create meaningless problems or mismatched labels of good or bad. All of these things are relative to the everchanging timing of our experiences. Trends that will fall out of favor with the changing of the guard of politics. A certain in-fashion framework of illusion external validation creates.

The good news is, like I do with my sweet mom, we can ask a greater authority to give us a perspective. To remind us of the true Self which is already working through us as the best version of our highest good. Accepting the gift of unconditional acceptance only this true self can give.

To sum up: You are spectacular. Brilliant Divinity shining your light. Take off the blinders of illusion to see yourself as the beautiful Spirit in action you are today. Dance out your personal truth in the brilliant balm of Spirit like no one is watching.

And live your happily ever after in the light…Namaste tiny dancers.

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