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Time, Bikini tops & Unintentional 'Flashings'. ACIM Lesson # 289

The past is over. It can touch me not.

Once, when I was a teenager I lost my swimsuit top in the waves of the ocean.

Yup. Classy.

I was so embarrassed I couldn’t go back to the beach for 2 days.

Despite the fact that the average age of beach-goers was probably 80. And they MAY have seen anatomy a time or two. I was embarrassed. And I couldn’t let it go. I missed two days of white sands. Warm sunshine. And family memories. Because I was immersed in misery.

This is not to diminish my teenage angst. But two beach days seems like a lot right now in the cold Fall of the Midwest. And two full days of uninterrupted family time…well, even more valuable.

Lesson 289 reminds me that, just like my beach-days-gone-by, we can’t get back our precious now moments. When we are immersed in the past. Unable to release what is no longer ours to live, we are missing thousands of butterflies, children’s laughter and kitty-snuggles. And, well, I can’t speak for y’all but, that is a blatant misappropriation of kitty-love time.

This moment has no past Dear Friends. Each new moment is always fresh. Always new. Always offering us new miracles of beauty and wonder in infinite amounts. But when we look back instead of in, we can miss it. So easily. Two days is too much. Two minutes is too much.

And the best news? We can start over RIGHT MEOW. Forgiven. Choosing again. Free.

What are we waiting for? The time is now.

Shine on LightWorkers!

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