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Throwing the Mind-Monkeys a Toy. ACIM Lesson #338

I am affected only by my thoughts.

Byron Katie has put together a glorious concept called The Work. In The Work, the process is fairly simple. Question your thoughts.

Two of her four key questions (Check them out here: ) are Is it True? then Is it really true?

Simply put, she asks us to question our perceptions. To not take our thoughts for granted as truth. Lesson 338 does the same.

It asks us to remember that nothing can endanger or frighten us without our consent. And, spoiler alert, most of what I consent to is living only in my mind. When I am not distracting myself with an unknown future or dead past, I actually have nothing to fear from the moment in front of me.

And guess what?

I alone can change my thoughts in this moment, despite any externals.

The skinny? Today we can choose to fall in love with the present moment. It has everything we need. And when the mind monkeys come out to play. We can banish them to a timeout in the corner. Recognizing that what we think we are affected by, is really only the shadow of the total truth.

Namaste LightWorker!

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