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Through the Mirror of Perception. ACIM Lesson #304

Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.

Lesson 304 is one of those extremely transparent ACIMism…yet extraordinarily difficult to put into practice.

In essence we often let our world dictate our experiences. Like every day. (Sometimes every minute in my case).

I believe it when the world tells me what to think about my neighbor for example. Myself. Diplomacy. I buy into that BS hook line and sinker.

Perhaps we have been programed by the media or environment. Or perhaps it is just my own crazy mind-monkeys playing the same old tune. Over. And over. But ACIM reminds me there is another way.

If we can open up. We can use the vision of Source. To see beyond any conditioned perceptions. We can’t see it using our own eyes. The ones conditioned to blindly believe what we see.

Perception is a mirror not a fact.

Let that sink in a bit. What we see is just a past experience we expect to happen again. In this we can condition ourselves to flinch in the world. To expect harm. And this leaves vision blind sighted to the amazingly awesome (thank you Pam Grout) experiences that are happening right in front of us.

Babies waking for the first time. Children’s belly laughs. Even that little ray of sunlight playing through my windows. Pretty cool stuff. But I can’t see it if I am watching what is wrong in the world.

The question is this-What do you see through the mirror of your life today Dear Friends? What would you see if you looked as the eyes of Christ?

Namaste in seeing beautiful LightWorker.

(p.s. I love your revolutionary vision you saucy minxes!)

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