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Thought Capital

Every day we are allotted a certain amount of what I like to call ‘thought capital’. This is the amount of space we have in our brains to complete tasks and focus on what we want to accomplish in life. Did you know that we have up to 80,000 thoughts per day? That’s in the neighborhood of a thought a minute. INSANE right?

Of these thoughts, according to the National Science Foundation, up to 80% can be negative, 95% are repetitive. That’s up to 64,000 negative missiles headed straight for your brain’s cortex. Can you imagine saying 64,000 negative things to someone? What’s truly shocking is that we often do this to ourselves. Every. Single. Day.

And how about the 95% of thoughts that are repetitive, on auto pilot every day? We burn the same neural pathways over and over. What’s the adage about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result…..Basically we are burning through our thought capital like we’ve got positivity to burn…and 80% of our brain tells us we don’t.

But imagine if you were to Robin Hood back some of this thought capital. What if, when you experienced a negative thought you simply acknowledged any negative feelings, returned to the present, and as Marianne Williamson suggests-chose again?

If you invested even a small portion of your day-let’s say an extra 5 minutes on what you DO want rather than what you don’t. That’s like 300 positive thoughts coming your way already! We get what we think about all day. What if, instead of repetitive, negative thoughts we began, just for 5 minutes today, thinking creatively about what we truly deserve? Invest your thought capital wisely joy warriors. Watch it grow into the life of your dreams.

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