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This little light of Mine...Let it Shine! ACIM Lesson #301

And God Himself shall wipe away all tears.

I’m going to share with you a little shade of my uncomfortable today dear readers. I am fortunate enough to have a workplace that is progressive enough to encourage diverse and open minds. However, in a meeting the other day I found myself judging someone. The very antithesis of what my organization tries to develop.

Not for their beliefs, mind you. But for how I wanted them to receive mine. I grumbled under my breath to myself. I thought that they just didn’t see me. Or care about my perspective. And, after about 24 hours of grumbling, I recognized that, in my self-involvement, I was failing to see my own complicit behavior.

Whether this person was judging my beliefs or not….I was judging my own. Instead of doing the work to determine where I felt safe to communicate. Where my boundaries in this arena could be pushed just a liiiitle more to progress my support. I was busy judging myself for not being fully there yet. Assuming the other person felt the same way.

And in this, I had abandoned myself. You see, it didn’t matter whether or not this person thought I should be acting a certain way. What mattered is where I truly am. When I am pushing the boundaries of myself. When I take an honest inventory. And when I act from a place of my personal strengths and weaknesses. Not the ones the outside world might determine are valuable or mainstream.

I had put myself in a box. I had given myself only one way to advocate for change. The ways that the outside world had told me were ‘acceptable’ vs where I can contribute with passion. Authority. And perhaps by pushing myself a bit beyond the boundaries of what I am used to. So that I can grow and contribute in meaningful ways.

My point? Lesson 301 reminds me that the judgements that make the most impact are the ones imposed upon ourselves. The times we don’t stand up for ourselves and make our voices known are the places we abandon ourselves. Source gives us talents and abilities we can use to make this world an amazing place. Your gifts are valuable. Your contributions are needed. Do not let anyone else-especially yourself- minimize these gifts in favor of the going flavor of what is fashionable to do. Say. Or be. This is the very root of suffering. Condemnation. And distortion of truth.

You ARE enough. Your gifts are enough. And the eyes of Source illuminate the ways in which your unique contributions can make the world a better place. To relieve the suffering that is yours to mitigate. In your own special way.

It may not look like anyone else’s. And that is OK. Let go of judgement. Wipe away your tears. And Shine the special light that is only yours to give.

Namaste LightWorkers.

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