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This Holy Now Instant-ACIM Lesson #241

This holy instant is salvation come.

My dear friend gifted me with a revelation yesterday. You know, one of those ah-ha moments you can’t come back from?

Um hmm. She did it.

We were talking a bit in our group about how we all felt a bit slothy, when my friend asked a question. The revolutionary question:

What are we missing in the now while we are worrying about the next big thing?


It made me wonder. What AM I missing? What is mine for me to do? And what is the truth of who I am without all of the anticipating attachment that hangs around like morning breath?

Lesson 241 tells us this holy instant is all there is. That it was gifted to us for a reason. For a purpose. And even when our moments feel slothy. When they feel unsettling. There is something here for us to do. A Divine gift that is our salvation to remember.

Today I invite you to live intimately with your now moments. This very holy instant (even if it smells unsettling). To commune with the gift that the Universe is giving you in this human experience. And to find what is yours to live in the now.

THIS is the joy and the celebration of the human experience. Releasing all sorrow to a world set free in hope restored.

THIS is your holy instant dear friends. Celebrate its one-ness and connection to your true purpose.

Namaste LightWorker!

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