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This Day is Amazingly Awesome. ACIM Lesson #340

I can be free of suffering today.

Sometimes, on very special days, I hear U2’s It’s a beautiful day running through my brain.

I think about how precious and wonderful life is as I look at the clouds dance across the sky. I marvel at the tapestry a breathtaking winter sunset presents. I laugh at my sweet neighbor’s little boy, chasing a whole lot of nothing in the wind.

Life is beautiful. Or it can be. When I take a moment to witness all of the things my busy mind tells me I don’t have time to appreciate. But this is the very stuffs of life, I would say. The things we might call insignificant are, in fact, what makes our lives so meaningful. The miraculous instants the Universe intends us to fully experience.

So today as my cat chases a random string, I will be grateful for the joy and freedom I have to stop and watch his utter joy and concentration. As I have so many times before, I will bow to the focus and awareness this little zen master has to teach me about living in the present.

And I will make room in my life for nothing but joy and gratitude, just as the Universe has always intended.

In joy and appreciation for all that you are dear friends,

Namaste Light Worker.

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