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These Hands are Small I Know-ACIM Lesson #194

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

I place the future in the hands of God.

Decisions. Harrumph. They make me grumpy.

I weigh out everything ad nauseum. Should I pick this color for my walls? How about that one? Should I get a tattoo? Or will I hate it in a year?

Sometimes it feels like I am deciding where to have the next Olympics…rather than just when to go to the dry cleaner.

*Sigh*. So yesterday I decided to give up all decisions for the day. To go where my gut would take me. And to wait in the silence for a response.

I would love to tell you that this exercise was easy. That Source led me to a magical, mystical adventure where I got to ride a Unicorn over a rainbow. Instead, Source asked me to just listen. To sit.

Harrumph. Double Harrumph.

The takeaway from the day was this: I do all kinds of hustle I thought I’d overcome. And when I don’t? Anxiety. To-do lists accumulating in my monkey-brain faster than I can finish a bag of Starburst jellybeans.

It made me realize how much I identify with human-doing (rather than human being). I mean, the number of times I tried to pick up my phone to check “just one email”. Or to scroll through Facebook looking for inspiration. Or to just DO anything to justify my existence. Well, I’m embarrassed to say, dear reader, it was astounding. Yipes.

Lesson 194 asks us to remember what we came for. To recognize that our worldly lives, by their very nature, encourage us to focus on things that are of little use to our Soul’s purpose. That checking off tasks or accomplishing XYZ are just smokescreens to make us feel valuable. Illusions the world gives to define what is successful.

But our Soul’s self remembers otherwise. It is hardwired into the truth. And in the times when we can slow down. When we can take the time to connect to our truest selves. To place our futures in the hands of God. We can see how meaningless our Soul finds our tasks when we become unmindful.

Release the future today Dear friends. For an hour, a minute, even a second. Whatever you are called to do is a victory. Let the Light which is Source within be freed of any illusions this world tells you are important. What better source of strength can you entrust your present peace and certainty to?

And, gloriously, if you fall (As I did many, many, MANY times yesterday) you are free to choose again. To change you mind about in whose hands you may trust your future happiness. To meet the holy instant of this present moment with love and certainty. And to greet your true peace in the comfort and security that the world is in good hands when you can trust it. Untroubled. To the Source of the All-that-Is in this holy instant.

Namaste LightWorker!

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