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The Word. ACIM Lesson #276

The word of God is given me to speak.

I’ll admit it, I often get my words crossed. My mind moves faster than my mouth could ever catch up to. And when it does?

Well, I love to berate myself for not saying the right thing. For appearing unintelligent or confused.

But Lesson 276 gives me a big ‘ole whoa there friend! When these thoughts come to call.

Lesson 276 says we were created perfect. Exactly as our Souls have chosen to incarnate. Lesson 276 reminds me that to deny God/Source within any part of us, is to deny the love of creation. To forget who I am in truth.

God/Source is within every single part of ourselves. Even the less than ‘perfect’ ones.

There are no words we need to speak to earn this love. There are no deeds we need accomplish to deserve this creation. We have come as the word of God/Source in action Dear Friends. In this lies our purpose. And we get there by just being. All of ourselves. An instrument of this ever-living source within us. You are perfect. Just by being you. Just by being the God/Source within.

Today Lesson 276 invites us to acknowledge & remember this word within in truth. Cherished. Loved. And blessed in co-created Unity with ourselves, and with one-another.

Your words are beautiful Dear Friends. Speak your truth in Love.


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