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The Universe Delivers

This week my partner and I were taking a bike ride. I was riding along, enjoying the scenery on the trail when I noticed we kept running into yellow butterflies everywhere.

Of course I kept pointing them out to my poor partner who, understandably, was a little under- impressed by butterfly three.

But I wondered, what exactly does a yellow butterfly represent? And was the Universe trying to tell me something?

According to various sources yellow butterflies can symbolize anything from hope and guidance to joy and prosperity. There was little consistency in my research, but the one pervasive theme- yellow butterflies are a positive sign.

To answer my second question-what was the Universe telling me- I relied upon my go-to poster girl for interpreting the Universe-Pam Grout. Pam Grout is a best selling author who wrote a wonderful little book entitled E Squared (highly recommend), filled with experiments that test the potential of the Universe.

In one, Pam asks the Universe to deliver-you guessed it-as many yellow butterflies in 48 hours as it possibly can. It’s not just about the Universe, but also about the ways our perception shapes the reality we deliver to ourselves. We look for yellow butterflies. We see yellow butterflies. We might not even have more yellow butterflies in our lives. But we do notice more of the ones that are already there. Those we’ve been overlooking in deference to the bad stuff.

In my case, I am impatient. I went for the big ask. I asked the Universe-Universe if you are really out there sending me magical yellow butterflies-send me more all at once. Right meow please.

I rode along… Ten seconds….Twenty….Thirty….I got impatient (I mentioned I was impatient)…Then….BAM! Three No FOUR yellow butterflies flied right along beside me on the path. They even infiltrated my partner’s space.

My take? The Universe delivers. And my take-away? What do we want our reality to look like my friends? Will we choose a hornets nest of bad stories, bleeding leads on the news, or horrific circumstances? Or can we choose a world of yellow butterflies? Hope and joy floating gracefully into our awareness?

We can’t always choose our feelings. Circumstances in the moment certainly happen and can throw us off course. But we can choose to look for the butterflies in life. To ask our biochemical filters to look for what is good. And to deliver more of the same. Look for your yellow butterflies this week my friends. I can’t wait to hear how many you find!

Love and light.

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