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The Surround Sound of Eternity. ACIM Lesson #264

I am surrounded by the Love of God.

If I were Southern Baptist I might say Can I get an Amen.

ACIM Lesson #264 is another one of those glorious Lessons where I feel the clouds part. The sunshine stream in on beams of light. And I truly feel the Love of God/Source surround us.

Lesson 264 says there is no place where Source is not.

When I am in line at the grocery store-God is. Where the baseboards meet the floor in a fit of dust-God is. Where my ego tries to tell me I’m not enough-yup God is there too.

And the beauty of this Lesson is that you can feel it. In every hand that reaches for yours. Beyond any placeholders that time may say is important. There is nowhere that love is not. Source is literally who you are. Holding all of the Love of creation within itself. Peaceful. Safe. Eternal.

Can I get an Amen people?


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