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The Story of Stripey-ACIM Lesson 50

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

When I was little, I had a pillow I took everywhere.

It’s name was Stripey.

Because it was green and white striped lol.

Stripey came with me on vacations. It cradled me to sleep every night. Stripey even smelled like pancake syrup from the many early morning breakfasts we shared together.

I loved stripey. But I became dependent upon her.

At a certain age being unable to sleep without a particular pillow becomes less sweet and a liiitttle needy. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t Stripey’s fault. Stripey was just being the best darn pillow she could. It was my attachment to Stripey that began to show its dirty, maple-syrup underbelly.

Lesson 50 reminds me of the Stripeys of the world we depend upon for our happiness. Money. Prestige. Pleasing others. Status. All of these are just illusions- songs of praise to the ego. Telling me that I need them to sleep at nigh,t or to feel safe loved.

In truth, Source supplies an infinite amount of Love to sustain us on any given day. And how can we tell? It is effortless, confident and full of warm fuzzies way beyond a feather pillow (though don’t get me wrong that’s pretty nice).

Just for today we can choose to remind ourselves that, deep within, our Divine selves supply us with all we truly need. A blanket of protection and love that needs no corporeal casing to demonstrate on the outside, what we already contain within.

Here’s to seeing reflected on the outside, the sustainability of what you already contain within.

Namaste Dear ones!

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