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The sky is falling!! Psyche. ACIM Lesson #247

Without forgiveness I will still be blind.

Lesson 247 reminds me a lot of Chicken Little. Chicken Little, for the uninitiated, was a book I read in my childhood. It was about a chicken that went around declaring the sky was falling to everyone who would listen.

But (spoiler alert) it wasn’t. Not even close. It was acorns.

The story of Chicken Little, according to some sources, actually goes back more than 25 centuries. It is a folk tale synonymous with blowing events out of proportion. Of making small things big.

Lesson 247 reminds me that my thoughts can Chicken Little-it at times. That when I believe someone is attacking me, it causes me to suffer. To detach from the moment and engage in a story of my own creation. To make the acorns of life into an apocalypse.

But there is an alternative vision. The truth of who we are. Blessed, safe, healed and forgiven. Stunning in our one-ness.

It takes away any misperceptions of the world. And reveals that what our blind monkey-minds perceive as emergencies or enemies-is really only misplaced parts of ourselves. Living this experience as best they can. As best we can in truth.

Forgive any catastrophic thinking Lesson 247 says. Forgive them in yourself. Forgive them in your neighbor. And see your self in your truth-the light of creation you can only be.

Namaste LIghtWorker.

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