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The Radiant Fire that is You. ACIM Lesson #299

Eternal holiness abides in me.

Wow ACIM. Just Wow.

When I have coffee on my shirt and my cat-children have their toys scattered joyously about….Lesson 299 can seem like a land far, far away.

Holiness, in this chaos?


Lesson 299 reminds us that holiness cannot be stored in a neat 2 X 4 storage container. That we live out of the box as LightWorkers. And because it is not our shoes put up, our perfect words or the worlds big bad expectations for ourselves that determine our holiness. It cannot be destroyed.

Your light is a fire that burns deeply within LightWorker. No worldly events can extinguish that light. It is eternal. Your Soul is radiant. Perfect and untouched. Holy in the spirit of the love that created it.

Namaste LightWorker. Shine on!

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