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The Observer Effect. ACIM Lesson #313.

Now let a new perception come to me.

My cats had a rip-roaring good time this morning. One on the bed. One jumping off. Quite frankly it was a circus of growling, dozing and cat fur. Six inches from my noggin.

As I was trying to navigate the angst I came to a realization about their interaction. I was seeing it as negative. Expecting the worst. Just waiting with bated breath for the two of them to interact poorly. I had a perception that they wouldn’t get along. And they delivered.

This interaction got me to thinking about how many of my daily exchanges I expect the worst from. Worrying about what might go wrong. Holding space for negative energy. Leaving little room for the positive.

Research is proving more and more that the focus of our intention affects our reality. So where was I focusing my power? My energy?

Lesson 313 asks that we hold a different vision in our lives. One where we make space for love by letting go of fear. This vision is the gift of our existence. The expansion of our perceptions. The allowance that we can always choose to see things differently. Sinless. Loving. Shining beautifully bright with the light within.

Shine on LightChaser!

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