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The Mountains We Move-ACIM Lesson #91

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Miracles are seen in light.

In the cartoon musical Encanto there is a character named Luisa. Luisa is super strong. She moves things. Animals. Even buildings for the villagers.

But Luisa has a secret. Secretly Luisa is terrified she is actually weak. That she is losing her strength.

And she wonders who she would be without this power.

Luisa & I have a lot in common. When I rely on external strength. When I choose to put my belief and faith in anything other than the miracle that life truly is-I become weak. Dispirited. Alone and afraid.

But what Lesson 91 reveals, is that we are not our body. Our perceived strength. Even our darkness on our darkest days. We are free. WE are Source in action. Unlimited light. And when we can withdraw our reliance on our own strength. When we can accept that the light is the all-powerful truth which can dispel anything we think we see on the outside. We begin to change our world.

Remember who you are dear ones. Remember your miraculous light, always waiting behind any darkness. You can never loose this light. And, like Luisa, you are strong. From within.

Even on your crankiest days. Even if the world believes in darkness. Only the light is real. Our authentic selves. It is waiting to bring the miracle, living just beyond the veil of our illusions.

And if it gets tough, you can use these beautiful words:

I am not weak, but strong

I am not helpless, but all powerful

I am not limited, but unlimited

I am not doubtful, but certain.

I am not an illusion, but reality.

Miracles are seen in the light.

Happy taking back your power day Dear ones!

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