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The Monsters Behind Our Mind-Walls. ACIM Lesson #309

I will not fear to look within today.

I am a certified meditation teacher. One of the reasons many are hesitant to meditate is not the time. Not that it’s boring. Not even endless thoughts. But a fear of what these thoughts might say.

Hang with me.

Life is busy. We all have a kagillion different responsibilities. Opportunities to engage with life. Choosing which of these opportunities are authentic to our highest self can be overwhelming. Intimidating even. So it’s easy to bury ourselves in the busy. To not think about where we are choosing to spend our time consciously.

I’ve done it (sometimes a million times a day).

Lesson 309 invites me to recall that awareness allows for assessment. To consciously choose what allows me to take a moment to look within (in spite of any monsters I think are living there). Within these very mind-walls is eternal innocence. Limitless possibility. The truth of what my Soul is calling me to do.

But this can only be found in the quiet. In stopping. Even for one breath to see what is always waiting for us, just beyond any busy thoughts. And the fear? This is only a misperception of what resides in our minds in reality.

Within us is our true calling. Within us is Source waiting to hear from us. When we are fearless we connect to what the Divine plan for this moment is. Serene. Pure. An alter to ourselves, in awareness of who we truly are. In alignment with our true Source that has always been. Timeless. Free. Transcendent.

Namaste in connection LightWorker

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