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The Moment I wake up…..ACIM Lesson 232

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Be in my mind, my Father, through the day.

On a typical day I get up, write my morning pages, herd the cats and have my coffee.

Then I make my lists, do the dishes…Add more to my to-do list. Write a bit….Add more to my to-do list. Fold the laundry, make Dinner aaaand…you get the picture.

The question is-where do I fit God/Source into all of that hot mess? Hmmmmmm.

Lesson 232 reminds me that my life is more than my to-do’s. That, from the minute I wake up, Source shines its light on me. Is present in my heart and mind. Even when I smother its light in the tasks I think are more important.

Even better? Source is less than a phone call away. Closer than our very breath.

Sleep well tonight, Dear Lightworkers. Rest in the peace of knowing that you are safe, sure and honored. Release control and trust that Source will reveal the magical path of all things to you in your dreams.

Namaste DreamWalker!

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