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The Magik in the Well. ACIM Lesson #261

God is my refuge and security.

Jeffrey Wheeler is a favorite author of mine. He writes glorious fantasy books with beautiful characters on a Soul’s Journey. I love it.

Some of his stories are centered in the concept of a citadel-a well of sorts. Deep within this well lies the waters of the fountain-the Source of all power and magik. When the characters look down into the well, it seems like a big drop. An endless sea of unknown danger. Like it would be suicide to drop within.

At the bottom of this seemingly endless well lies many powers of the Universe-treasures beyond measure. Beauty, depth, and magik beyond imagining.

Today ACIM reminds us that the world we see is just the top of the well. That when we identify with our safety, from the superficial top, we miss out on the magik that waits within the depths of our Souls. Where our strength lives. This is the place where attack has no meaning.

Where the danger we perceive is actually at our disposal. A part of what we decide to let into our experience. This is not where your home is, says Lesson 261.

God/Source is your peace. Refuge. Safety. And strength in unending amounts. Only from this place can we remember who we truly are. Who are meant to be, beyond the edge of our personal well-like perception. Why would we seek the edge when the magik awaits?

Come home, Lesson 261 encourages us. Be who you were created to be. A magical being full of creative power and majesty. And watch the splendor of a fluid life unendingly unfold.

Namaste Dear ones.

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