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The Law of Average-ness. ACIM Lesson #318

In me salvation’s means and end are one.

I sure do love to think I’m big stuff.

When I began my spiritual journey, I’m embarrassed to admit, I saw this path as a way to make me feel less ordinary. More special in the grand scheme of things.

Let me preface this by saying I have lived a life of averages. In college-average grades ( C for continue!). First job-average evaluations. Even accolades-average praise.

At a certain point I was ready to live a life less ordinary.

Lesson 318 reminds me that, although I truly believe we are ALL destined to live a life that is extraordinary, no one’s part is more needed than anothers.

Unity consciousness means that we all play our part. And that each part is equally important. So, while I was bemoaning me average-ness, my Divine within was using each of my seemingly small moments to influence a Divine Purpose.

My take? Relax. Allow. Your work on this planet is never average. Every smile you give or word you speak can be used for the greater good. You are worthy. You are essential. You ARE Divine. Just. As. You. Are.

Namaste LightWorker.

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