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The Instant Mashed Potatoes we call life vs Eternity. ACIM Lesson #300

Only an instant does this world endure.

There is an old proverb that describes two monks looking at a tree. The monks sit, looking at the tree for hours in silence.

Finally, one monk says to the other “They call that a tree” and they both start laughing uproariously.

Monk hysteria aside, the point of the parable is that we label things with language and corporeal understanding.

Everything and everyone is so much more than the labels we place upon their countenance. We are energy. Light. Eternity housed in this liiiitle box we call humanity.

So when the crunchies of life come to call. When the children are screaming. Or the car isn’t working. When the world seems upside-down. Remember that these are all just labels of who we perceive the world should be. A limited view of infinity our minds can barely grasp. Much less label good or bad.

Lesson 300 asks us to remember that these false perceptions represent no more than a passing cloud upon the eternal sky’s serene. A blip on the radar of a life beyond our greatest imaginings. In this we remember who we are. Beyond this tiny instant. Where we connect to eternity.

Namaste in perspective LightWorkers!

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