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The Ghosts of Ourselves-ACIM Lesson #196

It can be but myself I crucify.

Do unto others….we have all heard the age old adage. But, as per usual, ACIM takes it up a notch.

Lesson 196 states that when we do unto others adversely (aka crucify) we are actually just hurting ourselves.

Let me explain.

We think we are an ego. We believe we are separate. Thus we try to defend ourselves against a ghostly enemy. Which, like a ghost, is really just a version of the self. One we are attacking in fear. But it is an inside job. It is not another person we attack. But the thoughts about this person that reflect ourselves.

The good news is we can change our thoughts in every instant. If our projections are truly just reflections of our inner selves, the thing we dread most is simply our own salvation. Wrapped in fearful packaging. When we can find the fortitude to look this fear in the eye. To see fear as the illusion it truly is. To rename these fearful projections as false. Well, that is when the beauty begins.

In a single holy instant.

Namaste LightWorkers.

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