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The Future is Now (Here's a Hint: It's Glorious). ACIM Review VI: Lesson # 214

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me./I place the future in the hands of God.

I don’t suppose anyone has met a control freak? (Here’s a hint you may or may not be interacting with one right now)

I LOVE trying to control things. Thinking I am in charge. I bustle around with a ton of bluster and might. I’m kindov like a steamroller with cute earrings.

I try to keep the cats from hissing at one another. I put my shoes on their designated shelf just so. And when the Universe comes to call to show me some amazing….I’m sometimes too busy putting up the dishes to notice.

But on my good days. On my best days I listen to Lesson 214.

I decide to put away my to-do list and create my to-be list. It’s usually short:

Be. Peace. Here. Now.

And in these moments, I almost uniformly watch the amazing wash right over me. Vibrant birds swooshing across the bluest sky. Clouds dancing to the rhythm of the Source of Creation.

Lavender bushes that smell like heaven on a tiny branch. Wow. What a tapestry I have been missing cleaning out the sinks and sweeping the floor.

Lesson 214 ensures us this beauty and majesty exist every day. And that while the dishes will eventually get done, the sky, the earth, the sunshine just won’t wait. My suggestion? Surrender to the beauty today dear friends. Step away from everything else. For just one minute. Heck, for just one breath. All of the treasures of the Universe await you in this single moment.

And while it may sound trite, you are creating from this love when you tune in. In this very moment. Soak in the good stuff. Surrender to the gifts a magnetic Universe is just begging to give you in abundance. Place your future in the hands of the Universe-and watch the bank account of your prosperity soar with the rewards.

Namaste Dear Friends.

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