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The Formula for Success. ACIM Review V: Lesson # 171

God is but Love, and therefore so am I./All things are echoes of the Voice of God. The power of decision is my own.

We have been taught, seemingly from inception, that we need to know it all. And what we don’t know-we should have learned by now already.

Or so we tell ourselves.

3-step processes to change, the keys to loving ourselves more. All of these are ragers. Super popular. And, I’ll admit-I love them too.

I want a process that explains my road to enlightenment. A formula that teaches me that doing XYZ will guarantee my ascension or awareness. And I’ll take it in 3 easy steps, thank you very much.

But I’ll share what I discovered after years of seeking: There isn’t a single answer.

Whaaaaat!??? What a rip off Estelle!

Well, before my virtual beheading begins, here’s the good news:

There is a formula. The formula is you.

Your unique journey. A formula imprinted into your DNA with your Divine Blueprint. And it is only yours. There is no self-help book that can explain your Divine journey better than you can discover for yourself. Because it is your own and only yours. Because Source is Love living through you. And because this love is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. An echo of Source in motion.

The free-will Universal law allows you to make your own decisions on this path. Not what others would choose, say, or do. What is correct and authentic to you and your personal life journey. Lesson 171 invites you to stand tall on this journey of self-empowerment. To really look at what represents the echo of God/Source in you. And to demonstrate this Love in action in the highest version of the greatest expression of yourself.

Shine on LightWorker! Your light is uniquely you. And, if I may say so, it’s glorious.


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